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Hi cherok,

What you are experiencing are external hemorrhoids. If you've been pushing during the loaf expelling process before pinching...it would put pressure there since they are already engorged with blood and in a pressured state. The pressure from the outcoming loaf which may have been overdone would be harder than one that hasn't been in for so long absorbing all the water from the gut instead of "intake".

You may want to add some insoluable fibre...Citrucel (sp?) which will bulk but not absorb so much water from the gut.

You should have some nice springy loaves with a good airy texture that won't put more pressure on the rhoids as in the past.

If you continue with the aforementioned loaves...severe pushing during constipation can actually encourage a relapsed rectum. Yeeikes!! Imagine going to the emergency and explaining that one.

Keep 'em soft, I says!

Use hydrocortisone cream or Proctocetyl a few times a day around the swollen anal area and that should bring those nasties down a bit.
Sitz baths in warm water would work too.

So, that's all I gots to say about that. I suffer from the same problem on occasion.