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My allergy started 2 weeks after I gave birth to my first baby. From that time on I started to have a red itchy skin rashes, it will start from a small spot of skin rash which is itchy and with a burning sensation that will continue to form in a bigger spots that will appear all over my body. I visited a lot of doctors and based on their initial findings it was an allergy. they asked me to refrain from eating foods like nuts, chocolate, eggs ... etc. which might cause an allergy but still I had, even change detergents. I was suffering from 5 months now and still I had a worst experience on this allergy. I run to the emergency ward for three times already and during those days they had given me a shot of hydrocortisone 250 mg. The allergy will subside immediately upon the effectivity of the dose then a follow up of zyrtec whenever the same allergy arise the next day. I continued taking zyrtec for almost 2 months and my allergy goes on and off. now I am so much depressed that taking zyrtec regularly would cause a side effect on my health. One doctor conducted a blood test and he said that I might have an internal infection on my blood for which I had completed five days course of medication but till now I am still having the same problem. He recommended me to undertake a patch test. Is it necessary? I've taken other antihistamines like histan syrup, aerius, enhancin antibiotic, ponstan, but it is not effective. Sometimes I had a difficulty in breathing as if I have an asthma. Is there any other factor that is inflicting me to have an allergy. Would you please guide me on the correct medicine to cure my allergy. I am really confused and in fact I lost my trust on the false medication given by doctors.