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Hi everyone,

I am not getting a lot of help from my MD in understanding what is going on with my body. Can any of you help explain my symptoms to me? My background is that I have always had very mild, manageable allergies. Examples include the things like since childhood I have gotten a rash on my arms if I use the wrong dishsoap, occaisional mild asthma and respiratory allergy reactions, and mild rashes on my body from time to time. I have always been "itchy", scratch myself (usually back) in my sleep and use "sensitive skin" products.

Now my symptoms seem to be escalating and I am beginning to get worried. Ever since I moved to a dry, hot summer climate I have had more frequent rashes all over my body, termed atypical dematitis by a dermatologist. Then last summer I started getting occaisional incidences of severe, localized swelling (one location at a time) on my feet, legs or arms. They get really big (5-6 inches across), hard, hot, and red - lasts 3-5 days and go away, leaving a kind of bruised, damaged looking area. Then this spring I had very severe respiratory allergies for a few weeks. Couldn't sleep at night, suffered all day, used box after box of kleenex. Now this summer I again am having the big, painful, itching swollen areas, one after another only this time coupled with a more defined rash pretty much from head to toe.

Went back to the doc and he put me on 4 days of 60 mg Prednisone and 180 mg once a day Allegra until symptoms are gone. The pharmacist also suggested hydrocortisone cream. We will see how this regime works.

I understand that allergies can worsen overtime but things seem to be getting worse really fast with both skin and respiratory problems, just not at the same time. I wonder if it is the dry climate, the heat, insects, food or ....

I know people live with far worse problems than these, but the allergies are beginning to kind of dominate my life and I worry about this. Can anyone comment or suggest an approach other than just treating the outbreaks. I don't know where to start.
Thank you.