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My heart goes out to you. My daughter now 18 mos, was diagnosed with egg allergy at 6 mos. I highly recommend seeing an allergist. She did have some bad bouts of eczema with the egg allergy (I breast fed and didn't know about the allergy) They never had me give her benadryl for the eczema though . We first did regular hydrocortisone in combo with aquaphor. We often just used plain vaseline.
They did eventually give us a prescription for a cream, but we only use that when necessary. Your poor little thing sounds like he could benefit from an allergist.

My daughter originally had blood taken back then, but that is not as accurate as skin testing. When nothing showed up with the blood test, the did the skin testing and she did great. She even did great at a year when they retested. It was more traumatic for me than for her.

Please feel free if you have more questions.

Best of luck to you,