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I would appreciate any feedback...

My 16-yo daughter, who is mildly retarded and autistic, has had eczema since infancy. It has always gone away using hydrocortisone. Then a couple of years ago, it stopped going away and steadily got worse. I decided to stop the hydrocortisone, hearing that it was "bad". Elidel didn't help much (in fact she once got hives while on it, so I'm not sure if she's allergic to THAT too!).

SO...we went to a naturopath who told us to use Miracle II soap and neutralizer (anyone tried this? It's supposed to detox you). She also prescribed supplements such as flaxseed oil, quercetin, zinc, vit E, HCL/pepsin, acidophilus, and L-glutamine.
One week after taking that neutralizer (7 drops in a cup of water daily) my daughter started slowly breaking out in BLISTERS on her arms, chest, legs.
(Actually her eczema seemed to be improving, but now she instead had these awful blisters that pop and leave red spots of all sizes).

We then stopped the neutralizer (dr. said she was probably releasing toxins through her skin). Things seemed to be tapering off ok, then yesterday she started a massive breakout of even MORE these blisters! I just cry when she's not around because I feel so helpless! She has so much going against her and is such a sweet, brave girl, it just kills me.

We're using Aveeno Anti-Itch (calamine/pramoxine) and SkinE Dip (zinc, compound of benzoin, E). THey don't seem to help much.

She has also been on a Rotation Diet for 3 weeks now. We've seen an allergist who gave her skin tests. She tested positive for chicken, turkey, tuna, dust mites, cat, roach, salmon, shellfish...so we've been avoiding these. I just put on mattress/pillow casings today too. We have a cat which stays on our deck which is six feet below her bedroom window (I have kept that window closed the past 3 weeks).

We think she may have Leaky Gut so she was taking Grapefruit Seed Extract for about a month but her naturopath told me to hold off on it now.

Any help would be appreciated.. thanks! (BTW, we are also praying a lot!)