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Hello. I've been in Heathboards before but never this topic. First time dealing with this situation. A few weeks ago I developed a rash on the right and left sides of my lower belly only. Somewhat itchy but went away after a few days. Then 2 days ago I woke up scratching around my bra area underneath my arm. When I went to the mirror I had a severe rash on both sides of my torso from the top part of my legs to underneath my armpits. Mostly worse around my panty line and where my bra is. And itches terribly also. Funny, there is very little in the middle of my stomach. I dont think that it is shingles. I have seen shingles before and usually there are blisters accompaning the rash. I have no blisters. Also I have had no fever or illness that usually goes along with shingles. The only 2 things I can think of differently that I have been doing is that I recently have been using the new laundry detergent...Tide with Downey, and also I have been adding Flax Seed to my diet. Could one of these be the culprit? Wouldnt I have a rash all over instead of just my torso?

Did you ever find out what this is? I read with increasing interest your post as I have been dealing with something very similar for the past three weeks. It started on my upper hip/lower sides of my abdomen and in my bra area on the sides. It is very slowly moving around my back and toward the middle lower abdomen and all over my bra area. I have been to the doctor twice. I did not respond to steroid injections, benedryl injections, hydrocortisone cream doesn't seem to help at all and it itches INTENSELY!! It is not very noticable unless I scratch and then it gets red and a little bumpy. I am calling the dermatologist Monday because I am getting no relief and it seems to be worsening. I bought all cotton underwear yesterday and switched from Cheer and Downey to uncscented laundry products. I hope that is all it is but I am getting a little freaked out by the comments I am reading on the board about all of these other conditions. I have never been allergic or had any skin sensitivities at all in my life. The only medication I take on a regular basis is Zoloft and I have been taking that for nearly four years.