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I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate run on Cushing's that you have encountered. Your low back and leg pain likely has alot to do with that L5-S1 disc. I think that trying some PT is worthwhile because you are unable to do as much as prior to the onset of severe pain, you need to maintain some conditioning. By the way, what you do at PT should be within reason given your pain and physicial limitations. A good therapist can handle that. If you ever had to have surgery, one of the biggest roadblocks to recovery is generalized deconditioning of the body. In other words, reduced muscle tone and overall strength. It is like starting from square -4 instead of square 1.

I don't know what to say about the cushing's fears. The injectable corticosteroids used today are a far cry from the old "hydrocortisone" that epidurals and a multitude of other injections were performed with. These newer agents are tolerated well and their doses are well understood. Given your MRI findings, I think that you are basically painting yourself into a surgery corner by not being willing to look at some of the conservative options that will involve injection. They work for some and not for others but surgery is also hit and miss, especially lumbar surgery. Just look around at the other posters on this board.

Good Luck!