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Lotus Blossom, I have that problem too, off and on. Mine seems to only start itching during the night while I am asleep for some unknown reason. I will almost claw myself raw! I have read that you should use mild soap to bath the area, and keep it dry. Use soft tissue to wipe yourself after bowel movements to prevent irritation. I think that's how mine always starts, is from having to wipe so much that I rub myself raw. Then the vicious cycle returns. I usually put some anit-itch hydrocortisone cream on it and that does help. If you still have candida, you need to get that under control or it won't go away. Eat lots of plain yogurt, take acidolphus supplements and garlic pills. That helps keep candida from returning. I know how this will drive you crazy. One day on the way to work it started up and I thought I was going to have to pull off the road an scratch!!
You are correct in it driving you crazy!I have almost clawed myself raw!I have to scratch with a soft bristled brush I can't help it!I use a mild soap such as Ivory or Caress to wash but use other soaps to bathe rest of my body and I make sure I dry completely.I use both toilet paper and baby wipes after BM's.I may have Hydrocortisone cream I will look thanks for letting me know.It is so bad at times I'll try anything just to stop the itch!I do eat alot of plain Yogurt and eat fresh raw Garlic.OMG you would really be in a predicament if you had to pull off and scratch! :eek: