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Thanks again! RE: Excema tips. I started to wash my hands using emulsifying ointment and this cured it after many years of hydrocortisone creams such as eumovate (in the UK) have been tried, as well as de-sensitising injections when I was much younger. The eyelids swelling and outbreak have dissapeared now (phew) until next time that is. The only long lasting problem I am left with is almost permanent congestion, whcih I am taking a nasal squirt for - without much effect. So on to the specialists I will go, as well as a new vacuum with HEPA filters, if that does not work then I wil remove the carpets in the bedroom, or perhaps just buy a tent or emigrate to siberia or somewhere too cold for dust mites to survive. Wonder if there is any kind of fumigation techniques for house dust mite (have not googled this theory yet)?