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An opthamologist can Rx cortisone drops, after doing a thorough eye exam. This is the most effective med for severe eye allergies, but it's not without risk -- hence the need for the eye exam.

If you are in perfect health & have had an eye exam recently, you can try the home treatment route. Get a tube of OTC 1% hydrocortisone cream from the first aid section of a dept. store or pharmacy. Apply a very tiny dot on your cheeks, about 1.5 inches beneath your eyes. The HC will get into the local circulation & help the itching/swelling. DO NOT APPLY HC cream any closer to the eye. The size of dot of cream I use is about equal to 4 periods ( .... ), or maybe 1/8 the size of a flat uncooked lentil. Very tiny. I've found this works almost (not quite) as well as the ophtamological grade HC eye drops, which are also 1% HC. But I save $150 on the eye exam, & don't have to wait ...

Important: hydrocortisone causes fluid accumulation within the eye & can result in retinal detachment. This is a very serious side effect to consider. So you really want to err on the side of UNDER-dosing the HC cream.

Prevention is also wise; those wrap-around shades that are supplied to folks after they get eye surgery are ideal for blocking wind-borne pollen. The cold-wet washrag is always comforting for short-term flares.

Be alert to the possibility of eye infection; this can happen easily due to rubbing & also the immune-system degradation that occurs with allergies. If you start to get green pus or crusting, you may need a topical antibiotic.

Best wishes.