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About 2 weeks ago I noticed that my lip had a small light colored patch. I looked closer and pulled my lip tight and saw that there were all these little white pimple looking things.They looked like they were under the skin. In the last 2 weeks the area goes all the way across my upper lip and has started on the bottom lip. It doesn't itch or burn. Some of these things have really grown because I can feel some of them. There are prob. between 75-150 of these little things. Went to a derm. He said he didn't know what it was but thought maybe it could be an atopic dermatitis put me on a hydrocortisone cream and Protopic. Have been on these for 4 days no better. The bumps really seem bigger and more of them.

Is it possible this is just an allergic reation? How long before these creams show any improvement? Could this be some sort of infection, virus? Derm. said he didn't think so, but he also didn't know what I have either. He said it isn't cold sores, or fordythes cond.

some of these bumps are really growing what if they all grow? This thing has taken over 65% of my upper lip.

Anyone have symptoms like this? Should I try a different doc?