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Hi, I have a flare up on my upper lip/below my nose because I'm allergic to sawdust at my work - The only thing that helps to prevent it from flaring up is hydrocortisone 1% cream, but I have to use it everyday and quite alot. Is there Anything else I can use that's not harfull to my skin? I've tried salcura spray and also Eucerin extremely dry skin cream - but neither work. I've been to the dr's a couple of times but they can't quite seem to grasp what I'm trying to tell them and keep giving me something to make it go away rather than stop it from happeing in the first place! One dr also said it was safe to use the hydrocortisone if I used a little? But I reallu need to use alot and reaply 2-3 times a day to keep it from flaring up. Allergy pills don't work either

Well anyway if anyone could give me any ideas as it's starting to drag me down a little :(