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some of this comes along with just healing,but by now this could be just a sort of neuropathic itch.it can happen when nerves are cut during surgery.i have this in my upper back.the best ways to treat an itchy area are with some form of a hydrocortisone type of cream or ointment.if this doesn't work,ask your doc to write an Rx for lidocaine ointment 5%.this kind of numbs up the affected area.all you have to do is rub it into the skin where the itch is.i also use lidocaine patches for this and many other neuropathic pain areas i have due to spinal cord damage.but the ointment should work fine for your particular problem.just try the cort cream first and see how it goes for you.if that doen't work,go with the lido ointment.great stuff that lido.good luck,and please keep me posted on how this works for you.believe me,i know how horrid and insane any itch can make you when it is a non stop thing.hopefully one of these suggestions will help.good luck,FB