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My allergies, asthma and general inability to ward off colds has been a problem in my life since before I can remember. They have put a general restriction on my life which we have tried endlessly to help. Various doctors tried everything they knew how and were unsuccessful. I still constantly got sick from known allergens as well as those unknown. At least once a year, I missed a week straight of school due to being sick.
Being the late-bloomer that I am, I got my period at age 16 and began having hormonal problems. My skin was a constant depression to me. I have always taken great care of my skin, and when this didn’t help, I made a conscious effort to clean up my diet. I cut out fried foods, soda, artificial sugar and similar foods. Not only did I have constant breakouts, but the pain I underwent during that time of the month was occasionally paralyzing and could keep me in bed for as much as two full days.
I got to college and ignored my problems for a while and they seemed to subside a bit. At age 19, my well-being took a turn for the worse. I was diagnosed with having hormonal problems and adrenal fatigue. I was then put on an antidepressants, armor thyroid and hydrocortisone. These aided temporarily. I was able to go through a whole day without needing a nap, but my problems weren’t cured. Shortly after I was put on these medications, my symptoms returned.
This battle between doctors, medications and not feeling well has gone up and down throughout these past few years, never reaching a point of success or even a point of identification of the real problem.
The past 6 months, I once again started feeling bad again. I began having horrible allergies, regardless of what I ate or touched. That constant sneezing, watery eyes, puffy eyes. My asthma has become so bad that I have to sleep with inhalers at my side because every night I wake up having an asthma attack. My skin has broken out once again and has a slight itch to it. I take great care of my skin, drink lots of water and do not eat fried foods or anything like that, so this is especially frustrating.
I have also started getting headaches. They are usually in my temples, but also are frequent in the lower back and front of my head. I used to get headaches about 2-3 times a year, so this is a recent problem.
My periods are irregular and unbearable for the first few days. They are extremely heavy and painful and cause me to be an emotional mess. The cramps can be incapacitating and my skin is always worse at this time of the month leading me to believe that my breakouts are somewhat hormonal related.
I have always had problems with elimination. I have tried all the remedies including cleanses, laxatives and even the apple cider vinegar and haven’t seen any improvement. I am constantly having cramps in my abdomen and feel bloated.
I have fatigue which disables me from getting all my work done on most days. I attempt to get a good night of rest every night, but even with a solid 8 hours of sleep, feel exhausted all day. I basically feel exhausted all the time and have to push myself to get things done. I have tried to not allow it to cause large interruptions in my life, but this is difficult to do. I was recently told that I am anemic. They said that it was certain kind of anemia which has to do with the way oxygen attaches to iron. This being said, nobody seems to be too sure and I have yet to be treated for this.
My allergies include mostly foods including a deathly allergy to peanuts, as well as less severe allergies to all legumes, lentils, shellfish and nuts. I have had a moderate intolerance to dairy and recently, I was told that I had developed a gluten allergy, and even more recently, was told that I am allergic or “sensitive” to peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. Personally, I do not think that the gluten allergy is the problem. Regardless, I have completely eliminated gluten and wheat items from my diet. I have felt no difference, but when I eat anything with wheat now, I feel absolutely awful. I get pounding headaches, puffy eyes, bad allergies and asthma.
I have problems with my jaw clenching and this causes pain and popping my jaw as well as more headaches. I also frequently have pains in my mid back around the areas of my lungs.
My asthma is getting increasingly worse as I find myself needing inhalers more than 3 times every day. This is regardless of how much I exert myself. One sneeze or cough can trigger a tight chest. I can have an asthma attack simply from laughing or from something completely unknown to me.
I have poor circulation and my toes and fingers go numb on occasion. This worsens when it is cold or when I work out, but can happen just about any time.
I recently have been shaking, mostly in my hands. This can be anytime, regardless of when I have eaten and is occasionally accompanied by a racing heart and dizziness.
All of these feelings have led to a general unhappiness in life. I am a very positive person and each day, I make a conscious effort to think of good health and wellbeing. I do everything in my power to feel better and have had little to no luck. I meditate to calm myself and find temporarily relief sometimes. That is about the only help I have received.
I believe many of my doctors have helped me, but then it turns into a guessing game in which I am turned into a guinea pig. They just keep trying different things, and making different assessments, and I am thinking that they have hit a wall.
Most recently, I was told to take out a piercing in my belly that I got when I was 18. I was told that it can cause a low-grade infection or medal toxicity, so I removed it this past week.
I also have an inability to concentrate and focus, bad memory, paranoia about food now, being sensitive to just about everything in my environment.