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I'm looking for thoughtful responses please. This might be a little long, but I'm in need of serious readers and thoughtful responses, as stated above.

So it all started as a normal, common cut on the corner of my mouth where it's hard to open my mouth as wide as I normally can without causing any pain.

After having it for a day or two, I went out with my lady to eat Indian food for my first time. Please keep in my mind that I'm allergic to peanuts, and was careless about the fact that Indian food is mainly cooked in peanuts or peanut oils. So, I was eating some sort of Indian bread, and I accidentally scraped the side of the bread on the cut on my mouth. Shortly after that, the corner of my mouth where the cut is started to swell up. I would imagine that the bread was cooked in peanut oil, since they said that my meal had no peanuts in it. But I started to get the same allergic reaction that I get whenever I consume something with peanuts. I just stop eating after I started to get that reaction.

So a few days pass after that dinner, and I still have that cut on my mouth. But then, I start getting these small, painful bumps around my mouth, but primarily around the right side of my mouth where the cut is. The night of the day where I started to get the small bumps that look like pimples, those same bumps start to look red in their centers. I assumed that they popped and are on the verge of getting healed. The next few days they stop being bumps, and just disappear. Now I'm in a different phase. Instead of bumps, my skin where the bumps used to be is just skin that appears to be broken and open. The thing is, I thought that it was scab and just heal over, but it didn't. It remains the same, just pink and open. I've made a desperate attempt at treating it but applying my hydrocortisone ointment I was prescribed by my doctor for the rashes on my arms and legs, since I have eczema. But I just remembered that hydrocortisone is not to be applied to the skin on the face because of it being too strong. I haven't gotten it checked since I've been so busy. I'm planning to get it checked tomorrow though. But I just wanted to get some input from you guys.

So, do you think this is a late allergic reaction to peanuts?