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I don't know if this counts as a natural remedy, but non-drug, anyway.

#1) Avoid touching stuff that might make you itch, use hypoallergenic soap (dove fragrance-free for us) and "free" laundry detergent. Don't use anything anti-bacterial, unless you've got a really good reason. (Prevention is really the core of natural treatment for skin problems)

#2) Moisturize frequently, even when skin is healthy. Some recommend a dimethicone based moisturizer, some lanolin, some petrolatum. See what works for you.

#3) I find that if 1 and 2 fail, it really is time for the hydrocortisone. I try to treat itchiness immediately, while I can get away with using just a drop, rather than waiting until I need gallons of the stuff.

I can't recommend one single product, because there's always somebody who is sensitive to that product, and gets worse.