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My first suggestion is that he cover exposed areas that come in contact with the cement.

Washing the rash thoroughly every evening with a mild soap or even using baby wipes with aloe vera and Vitamin E to cleanse, then hydrocortisone cream or Vaseline should help.

If the rash starts looking like it might be getting infected, try triple antibiotic cream.

If these things do not work, he should consult a dermatologist.

Best of luck to you two!

Lindaru :)
okay, went to walgreens and the pharmacist basically said as long as he's working there he's gonna get the rash, it's summertime now and almost impossible to completely cover whole body when it's 100 degrees out.lol...she told him to wash off with mild soap as soon as he gets home from work and put on hydrocortisone cream; put a thick coat on she said..and he can do that before he goes to work too....and she said once that quits working he can go to dr. or even ER for prescription strength......still was wondering about home remedies....oh, and he couldnt stand the benedryl anymore he said it made him way too groggy when he wakes up for work...poor thing!