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Most often the so called anesthesizing toxin the mosquitoes bite us with before attempting to steal our blood is what gives some violent reactions to the bite itself. I know that on myself, areas that do not have a lot of fatty tissue (fingers, toes, knees, elbows, shoulders) will tend to swell more dramatically than bites that happen on upper arms, thighs or torso.

I am guessing you might have unconsciously also rubbed that finger either on the bedding (have caught myself doing that) during the night or actually reached over in your sleep with your other hand and scratched it.

There are two things I can suggest to help with it. Hydrocortisone cream works good for me, and I also remember being little and out in the country, and making a paste out of baking soda to put on it which would draw out the swelling from the fluids created by my immune system.

A few nights ago I got one on the left shoulder that is right on the bone where it meets with your arm. That one swelled up to the size of a coffee cup saucer and is just now starting to diminish (no doubt I scratched it in the middle of the night as well).

Try those and give it a couple of days. If you do not see an improvement, it is possible what you thought was a mosquito might have been something else and you might need to get it checked out.

Let us know how it goes!

Lindaru :)