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Hello! My family & I just returned from 8 days in Jamaica. Even though all of us sustained various mosquito bites, I'm the only one who has a persisting & continually growing rash. I awoke with what I thought was an area on my inside wrist which I assume was a spider bite and looked like I have received a number of strikes about the size of a 50 cent piece. It itched horribly and began to fill with fluid like a blister. While there I applied hydrocortisone cream. Since stateside my doc has given me an antiobiotic, a topical cream, triamcinolone acetonide. The area we treated is now red & shiny & looks like it's healing but the perimeter grew and is now blistered around the edges and new places have formed a few inches away up the inside of my arm. I now have places on my buttock (wrist touching when wipping) my stomach and small spots in various other places. Everyday I have a new small addition. Obviously I'll go back to the doctor, but is there any idea what I can do? We had been ziplining in the jungle the day before when I awoke to find my new souvenir.