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I'm allergic to dust, so I have mild symptoms all year round. 3-4 months ago, the skin around my nostrils started to get dry, red and itchy (inside and out). At it's worst I looked like someone with a really bad cold (or a bad cocaine habit), with raw red skin, but my runny nose was very mild. Over the months, I tried mentholatum, lotion, hydrocortisone cream, and a prescription antibiotic ointment. They all helped, but I could never shake it completely.

Now, I'm on day 5 of a Z-pack (antibiotics) for a sinus infection, and my nose has dramatically improved. The problem is still there but it's better than it's been in ages. If this was caused by a bacterial infection, I can't believe I had it for so many months.

Has anyone else had this kind of thing? If so, how long did it last, and what helped to control it?