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yes, thank you for the information. I have Hydroxyzine. Just couldn't find it last night. So I suffered::dizzy:
How's your recovery doing? Is there signs of fusion taking? My surgery was in April 2005. No signs of fusion. Might have to have another surgery.:eek:

thanks again

yes, thanks for the information. I have Hydroxyzine. Shame I couldn't find it last night.:mad:
By the way, how's your recovery doing? Has the fusion started to take?
My surgery was April 2005. The fusion didn't take. :mad: Looking into having another surgery this fall.

thanks again,

wow, sorry to hear about the non fusion. Ive heard that if it doesnt happen after a year its pretty much not going to happen at all.

are they going to do anything different this time around? I see they used BMP.. thats supposed to be very good (its what I have).

mine is too soon to see if its fusing yet - takes at least two months for it to show from what my doc told me. my two month appt is next week so hopefully ill see signs of it, even if its just a little bit.

Hydroxyzine is an anti itch med? is it working? I had the itches bad when I was on the pain pump in the hospital (dilaudid).. drove me nuts! I still get it occasionally on my daily pain med dose here at home but its not that bad so I just put up with it. but if it were any worse Id definately want something to counter act it.