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Hi, i'm back...Sinemet is a combination of Levodopa and Carbidopa, it can deplete potassium. Were no interactons between Zoloft and Sinemet. Zoloft is a serotoninn reuptake inhibitor...Side effects of Sinemet can be muscle cramping , tremor, weakness, change in gait, (walking), ...hmmmm. Zoloft is on a watch list for increased suicical tendencies. (more frequent in adolecents)..., What else , if anything, does you husband take? Are they (and you) sure he has parkinson's ? Maybe parkinsonism? The symptoms are exactly the same. also, if you have a rare form of cancer they CoQ10 would be excellent for you.

Thank you for your very helpful answers. I have found several references to the fact that Zoloft is contraindicated for Parkinson's patients. One is listed below.


I am going to discuss both Zoloft and Zocor with his new neurolgist. The only other drug he takes is Hytrin for high blood pressure.

There can be interactions between Zocor and Zoloft, Its by the CYP3A4 channels. The rating was a C, which means that a dosage adjustment may be needed in one or both agents. I did read about the SSRI interactons with Parkinson's. I know they say rare, but sometimes, rare to them is not rare at all. Kind of like ordering a steak...I know what rare is supposed to be, but.... Hytrin didn't show any interactions to any of the medications you mentioned, Sinemet had a possible nutrient depletion of potassium. I bet people get sick of me talking about magnesium, but I just know for a fact they said mother could have parkinson's. She didn't it was low magnesium. Those symptoms left very quickly. Some of the other low magnesium symptoms are slowly but progressively getting better. [removed] take care