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Hello All I am a 53 year old school teacher. I have fought BPH, enlarged prostate, etc. for about 10 years. My latest checkup with my family doctor was in January and PSA was fine and so was digital exam.

Here is my problem: I get a very bothersome pain (need to urinate) only when I am in a prone position. I associate the pain with need to urinate as it goes away or at least is not as severe after I go. And by prone position I mean laying in bed asleep or in the recliner - laid back and watching TV. (Today was especially bad - tried to watch basketball and fought the pain all day!) Sitting up or standing absolutely no problem. I might also add that I do have trouble urinating - slow start and split stream. I have been getting this pain for a few years and my doctor just says bad prostate and has me on hytrin. I tried flomax but did not like all of the side effects - it got me dizzy and sex was not the same.

So has anyone had similar symptoms and can give me some advice to share with my doctor? Thanks to all who read this!!