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Can any of you who has had a prostate biopsy tell us about it? My husband went for his physical in April had a PSA of 7.9 (some trouble with urnination)and was put on Hytrin and referred to a URO. The URO had another PSA drawn - but what was a red flag for me was they scheduled the biopsy when he had the blood test - told him they did not find anything no lumps no swelling - no family history etc - it was just a precaution as appointments were hard to get :eek: We checked our calendar and rescheduled - next the office called and so everything was fine then called back and said no 4.8 meant he must have a biopsy - so I have been surfing the net for additional info after all I thought if it was cut in half that was a good sign - talked with someone at the Prostate Cancer Institue who said an additional blood test is available for people who's numbers/info falls into a gray area - like 4.8. We also called the doctors office and ask for this blood test - they said no - we ask since it was more than a month away and the blood level had decreased if another PSA could be drawn - again they said no - has anyone out there had this biopsy - some area's we read say the pain is unbearable and expect to feel bad for quite some time afterward - others say it's no problem - get dressed and go back to work - could some of you please share you experience with us? Like I said I don't have much confidence in a doctor who schedules a biopsy when you are having a blood test won't answer your questions or do another blood test