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For the past couple of months I have had to urinate aproximately every hour. If I try to hold it the pain in the pubic area intensifies. Urinating every hour is like clock work. Its as if my bladder knows the hour is up. Surprisingly when I urinate every hour, the amount of urine is as much as a regular person urinating after 3 or 4 hours. I do not have urinary retention. I have the same symptoms as those with interstitial cystitis although the urologist says prostititis & BPH. After a one month course of antibiotics (levaquin 500mg) and with the symptoms continuing the urologist wants to do a prostrate biopsy. I have been taking Hytrin 10mg at bedtime for the past 10 yrs. as I have had this same problem intermitently for years but not to this degree.
I have noticed that I am a bit better in the morning only after the hytrin taken at night. I asked the urologist to give me something for the frequency and urgency and he sort of shook his head saying I have been taking hytrin but reluctantly (I feel) subscribed finasteride 5mg. I have taken this for a couple of weeks now but dont see any improvement. My PSA at last reading before taking the finasteride was 3.88 having come down from 4.0 previously. My question is whether hytrin can be taken for more than 10mg a day or could I split the capsule to 5mg and 5mg twice a day hoping that during the day my urination would be less frequent. Is there any other medication that would ease the frequency and urgency? After 2 weeks of finasteride I am starting to think of stopping it as I see no help with it. One other question, when a urologist does a biopsy (intra rectal ultra sound guided) , does he only do a biopsy or does he also look at the prostrate for abcesses etc.
Your comments would be appreciated.