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[QUOTE=painsucks;3229935]Recently I have been experiencing water works problems too. I've talked with my neuro about it, but I'm curious to know if the things I'm experiencing are similar to what others have experienced. The first problems happened when I was waking up in the morning, rolling over to get up out of bed and I would experience some "leaking". After that it went to when I stood up out of bed my bladder would just dump...not good! Now, in addition to still having the first two problems, sometimes I just can't "get started" without really thinking about what I'm trying to do. And I have a feeling of numbness too. Any of this stuff sound familiar?

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Hi painsucks,
I totally understand the frustration you are having with the bladder problems. I have been diagnosed with MS going on 4 years now and the trouble with my bladder has been there since at least year 2. On top of all of the other problems that I face with MS, I have to admit that one of the worst to deal with is the problems I have with my bladder. I don't have problems with the leaking that often (I was told by my urologist that the leaking, especially the major dumping is from not voiding enough urine and your bladder fills up so much that all of the sudden...gush...because your bladder can't hold it any longer), however, I experience urgency, frequency, as well as, retention which also leads to bladder infection after bladder infection. In the beginning I just went on Ditropan twice a day. This was suppose to help with urgency and frequency. It did help a little with the urgency, but I still have a lot of trouble with frequency especially a night (I get up 4-5 times a night) and I suffer from bladder infection all of the time. Finally after years of this annoyance and seeing a Urologist my neuro has decided to but me on Hytrin which is actually a medication also used for high blood pressure (which I don't have) but is also used for problems with voiding (which in my case is why I wake so often at night because I don't empty my bladder enough before bed which cases me to wake up often to void). I also have that problem where you really have to think about it sometime to finally start to void, I even find my self trying to push it out by pressing on my bladder. This Hytrin medication is suppose to give better control over the sphincter muscle so that you are able to void more properly. I just started using it a couple weeks ago starting with 1/2 of a 1mg tablet before bed and then slowly working up to 4 mg (for me anyway). I noticed a difference right away. I just started the 1 mg dose on Friday and last night I only woke up twice and I have found voiding a bit easier and that it came out more naturally and more urine at one time.
Therefore, the Ditropan and the Hytrin seem to be helping together so far, but it is new to me...so I will see how it works in the long run. I was also told that if the Hytrin doesn't work that I may have to start self-catheterization...last resort...I hope the Hytrin works well.
Good luck with everything and let me know what works for you.