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Wow I don't know where to start...lol.

My dog helps a lot I noticed the last couple days how much she brings a smile to my face. She is just always at the front door when I get home from school and follows me in to my bedroom at night. She's a ham.

I got a Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial about two weeks ago. Its amazing ands its helped in reducing my pain. I defently still have pain but it is better managed and my mom says I am smiling more!

Even though I havr the SCS I am doing therapy 2 x a week (couldn't get in 3 x a week) and school is hard on me so I am still on my pain medicine. It helps some but not a lot. Before I had the stimulator it hardly helped. I am still on my other meds, blood pressure med (hytrin), sezure med (topamax), and anti-deprssent for sleep,

I sleep with a heating pad for my right arm/hand. I can't reach a plug for my leg...lol. I also use heat treat warmers for cold/damp rainy days and snowy days or whenever you need them they are wonderful! You can order them online or get them at walmart in the outdoors section during fall months.

Hope This Helps!