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There are several medications that your Doctor can prescribe to you that will help you urinate. The Doctor may be reluctant if you have kidney problems. I have taking for 15 years several prescription medications.

1. The first medication I took is called, "Cardura." I only took that for around 2 years. [url]http://www.drugs.com/cardura.html[/url]
2. The second medication I have taken for 12 years, and am currently using is called, "Terazosin," a derivative of "Hytrin." This medication has been very effective for me. I started at 5 mg. and then the Doctors increased it to 10 mg. The adverse reactions I have had have only been when I miss dosages. [url]http://www.drugs.com/hytrin.html[/url]
3. The third medicaton I have "illegally" tried, (LOL-obtained a few sample bottles), is the newer drug called, "Flomax." Worked OK. [url]http://www.drugs.com/flomax.html[/url]

I have tried all of those home remedy stuff, saw palmetto, etc. and nothing works for me. Just throwing my money down the whole for my situation.

Ask you Doctor about the medication and try to avoid anymore surgeries till after you have a child would probably be good advice. The TURP surgery can cause retrograde ejaculation more frequently than TURP.