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I'm back again. I got the biopsy results (4 of them), from my hydrodistention. All four were atrophic urothelial mucosa. What does this mean? I won't go to that urologist again as they have told me nothing about the diagnosis of this, and sent me out of the office with a way overdosed prescription for Hytrin. I researched it myself before I would take it and if I had they would have caused me serious harm. I found another Uro. specialist who about fell on the floor when I told her how they had been jerking me around and referred me to another specialist to get to the bottom of it. So, I still have consistant hematuria, am always anemic, and have pain. Has anyone heard of this atrophic urothelial mucosa? I have been trying to look it up but there is not much info I can find. Thank you