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I was on HYZAAR for about 1 month. I believe you were taking the same thing but as two separate meds. I found it to be generally tolerable. However, it made me hungry all the time. And, it had a huge negative impact on my exercise performance. I had to walk a good part of my 4 mile run which I have been consistently running for over 2 years. When I first started taking it, I dropped about 5 pounds of water weight right off the bat. Of course, after a month this was replaced with 10 pounds of real fat weight. Furthmore, it did absolutely nothing for my BP. In any case, weight control was my main reason for dropping this. Unfortunately, I had it in a combo form. So, I couldn't tell for 100% certainty if it was the COZAAR or the HCTZ. Probably, the HCTZ was the culprit. When I dropped HYZAAR (on my own, I didn't ask no stinkin' doctor), my exercise performance and appetite were restored to normal within a few days. I didn't really notice any BP changes even after being off HYZAAR for about 3 weeks. For me, it was a totally worthless drug.

However, on Benicar (no HCT), none of the problems exist. In fact, I noticed an immediate improvement in exercise performance. No appetite issues either. I am having no problem with weight control. And, my BP is now very well controlled.

As you know, Benicar and Cozaar are both ARBs. Unfortunately, I can't comment on Cozaar vs. Benicar directly. But, I can say that Benicar by itself is way outperforming HYZAAR (Cozaar + HCTZ) in every aspect of the game. Now, it's possible that the HCTZ was having such a negative effect that it was wiping out the entire response from Cozaar. I can't say for sure. BTW, I HATE those damn combo drugs! Especially, for starting out.

In any case, I'm not trying to sell you on Benicar. I am just relating some of my experiencese. I wish you the best in your little experiment. I do find it particularly interesting that you were noticing negative metabolic effects from that combo as well.

Hyzaar was bad to me. I had a couple of incidents of intense sweating and nausea like I had the flu. Then I awoke in the middle of the night with a pulse rate of 125 and it didn't go down appreciably for hours. I was on vacation and made my friend get up in the middle of the night and drive me 50 miles to the nearest hospital. Drug didn't lower my bp either. I think I lasted 4 days on it.