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My lovely insurance company just notified me that Diovan was being taken off the preferred drug list so I will have to change or pay it all myself...no biggie, I think my Diovan was causing some significant lethargy and muscle pain.

The insurance company listed some alternatives and I would like to get any feedback I can on any of these:


I am on plain old Benicar 20 mg (no HCT) with very good results. Benicar is a little more potent and has better 24 hour control than Diovan. So, IMHO, it's a better choice anyway (aside from the fact that it is a little cheaper). Though I wouldn't expect there to be a dramatic difference between the two.

Each medication has two versions - plain, vanilla (Diovan, Benicar, Avapro, Cozaar) and HCTZ versions (Diovan HCT, Benicar HCT, Avalide, Hyzaar). My preference is a the plain version combined with a low sodium diet. If you want to continue eating normal (i.e. excessive) amounts of sodium, you'd be better off with the HCTZ versions.

I had bad reactions to Hyzaar. It made me nauseous, sweat like a pig, and then it gave rapid pulse and blood pressure changes. A resting pulse rate of 125 is not a good thing. I stopped taking it after a trip to the emergency room at 4 a.m, caused by the rapid pulse.
Quote from Onclou9:
I wonder if the Diovan hasn't been causing weight gain or retention. My diet wasn't causing me to gain weight and then I began working out 5 days a week (20 minutes on a interval treadmill) and lost absolutely no weight over almost six months! If my diet wasn't so overpowering that I was holding my weight, the logic would dictate that adding a workout 5 days a week religiously would drop some weight.
Are you on Diovan HCT or plain Diovan? One of my experiments was Hyzaar (Cozaar + HCTZ). It was generally tolerable except I gained 10 lbs in one month on this. I attribute this to the HCTZ though.
[QUOTE]Hopefully the BenicarHCT will work.....who knows? For the people for whom Benicar worked, did you gain or lose weight or have any muscle problems?On plain Benicar (no HCT), I've been able to lose weight without any problems (now down 30 lbs from that Hyzaar fiasco). I'd expect Benicar HCT to work similar to Hyzaar. Therefore, for me, it would be very bad.