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Hi Everyone,
I think I am stressing myself out a bit when maybe I shouldn't be, but wanted to get your thoughts. I tend to freak out over my BP readings, mainly the morning ones when they are high. High for me is 140/90 's and this only happens in the early morning. I think I have only had 6 or 7 readings in my life that were in the 150's/ mid 90's and after reading many posts of people with really high readings maybe I am not doing that bad. I do suffer from anxiety and can freak myself out into thinking I am going to have a stroke or heart attack and I know that doesn't help.
My BP for July with about 45 readings was as follows.
AM Avg-134/84/85
PM Avg- 121/78/78
Overall- 125/80/80
Shouldn't I be looking more at the overall avg instead of a couple of bad readings. I think I am posting this because today I got 143/85 @ 5:30 AM then 150/84 @ 7:30 am. I also drank a couple cups of coffee in between. I just took as I am typing and it's 120/84/77.
FYI- Hyzaar 100/25, Toprol 100, 81 mg aspirin.
Any and all thoughts would be appeciated.