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Hi All,

I have had what you are all describing for just under a year on and off.
Pain under my left arm around the area the side of my bra would sit, this would radiate into my breast and feel sore like before a period or similar. Sometimes my shoulder aches and sometimes my whole breast can ache. Also the it feels very glandular there and sometimes swollen, oftne worse as I have been poing and kneeding looking for any significant lumps. However I should point out I am over weight plus I have very large boobs.
I would not describe it as acute pain, more of a nagging and sometimes sore feeling.

I was sick with worry at first thinking possible cancer of the breast but was somewhat relived to read breast cancer in the first instance does not necessary come with pain, although I know it can do.

MY GP refferred me to the Breast Clinic where I was examined and a history taken. The Dr advised the likely cause of my breast pain is a mxture of two things.

I think I damamged the muscles under my arms around the rib cage (intercostals) when lifting heavy tables last year and holding them at a funny angle, this combined with hormonal breast pain and the weight of my breasts adds up to a horrible nagging pain that sometimes goes away and like this month has come back after being pain free for quite a few weeks.

I found anti inflammatories ( Diclofenic or ibuprofen) worked well along with an Ice pack or a heat pack ( hot water bottle helped). Also some gentle stretching of the arms neck and shoulders does help.

I find the more I stress over the pain the worse it gets so maybe some psychological issues as well, as this all started when a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast Cancer last year. I noticed it flared up again when my partners mother was diagnosed in early January 2007.

I hope some of you find answers and help to aleviate the pain you are in.