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Thanks Cookingmom,
I've Taken Several Combinations Of Medicine. My Rheumatologists Has Just Gotten Me Off Of Prednisone After Taking It For Over 15 Years. I've Had Cataract Surgery On Both Eyes Already. I'm Currently Taking Methotrexate, Plaquenil, Lortab, And Ibuprofen. Thats For The R.a. And Lupus.
When Does Your Lupus Seem To Break Out? My Seems To Have A Mind Of It's Own. I Can Be In The Sun And Not Break Out And Stay In The House, Like A Hermit, And I'm Covered With The Rash. My Dr. Can't Seem To Figure This Out. He Just Retested Me To Make Sure The Results Were Still Positive For Lupus And They Were. My Breakouts Tend To Stay In Certain Areas. The Top Of My Legs, Top Of My Arms And My Neck. Do You Have Any Problems With Hair Loss? Mine Was Already Very Fine. Now You Can See My Scalp. I'm Thinking Of Getting A Wig, But I Don't Want To Loose What I Have Left.
Thanks For Your Response. It's So Nice To Talk To Someone Who Knows What I'm Going Through. My Family Cares About Me And Tries To Understand But Noone Can Unless They've Been In Our Shoes.

Thanks Again,