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Hi Scrappinmaniac!

LOL. I think I do have high tolerance to pain. After many years (14) of suffering from endometriosis, then 2 scares with severe pre-cancerous cells...I had a total hysterectomy done this past September...(yeah, even with my back problems..lol). It was done via laparoscopy...but I had 3 incisions. My dr was shocked when he came to check on me...he looked at me and said "are you SURE you had surgery today???"...lol...and i said "i dont know, im beginning to wonder!!". i NEVER used the morphine pump...the ONLY pain meds i used at home and in the hospital was ibuprofen. i had very little pain. and to top it off...1 week after surgery..i had a SEVERE infection in my tooth (a root canaled tooth with temp crown on it, 2nd time it had gotten infected in 2 months)....let me tell you..that was the worst pain i have EVER had in my life!!!..i drove myself to the dentist to get it pulled..lol....and they were SHOCKED to hear that id just had the hysterectomy the week before!! I just deal with pain...it gets irritating at times, but, I just deal with it.

Ive heard about the Topomax helping ppl to lose weight...man I am praying they will put me on it..lol. Theres a lady at church thats on it for migraines, she said it worked wonders....and she lost ALOT of weight..she said that the majority of foods have a bad taste, so she doesnt really want to eat anymore...which is how the weight came off. Id really like that!! ha! Ive gained 20 pounds since I got hurt...and I need to lose 30!!! to be where I should be. I just dont see it happening, not being able to exercise! And I know that the weight isnt helping matters! But what can I do???

Yes, I will be settling for a dollar amount....but have no idea what figure. It all depends on what the dr says, the damage thats been done, and if/when i will ever be able to work again. Thats what the waiting is about....getting in to see him..see what it will take to fix me up....if he can by then!! ha!....and then go through more rehab...then....i will be given a test to see what all i can do...to see if i can resume back to pre-injury state...or if i will have perm. restrictions...and if i will be able to work under those restrictions. all of that is based on the settlement amount. Money is nothing though....if you cant enjoy spending it. The way things are at this point..Id much rather have my "good back" again....there isnt enough money in this world to compensate me for all that I have lost and will never get back and the many more things that I will have to do without..such as trips to disney world, etc.

Wow...a 2 year old!! So many years ago for me! lol. I just loved having babies around!! Couldnt imagine doing it now! Now that shows someone that is strong!! So there you go...you are much stronger than you are giving yourself credit for!! Just goes to show...you do what you have to do...regardless of how bad you feel. And he still naps??? You are LUCKY!! Both of my girls quit napping at 1 year of age!! LOL. I would have LOVED to have had more kids...but it just wasnt meant to be I guess. We tried for 12 years and I finally accepted that it wasnt going to happen. Believe me, I had several pity parties...and it angered me so much to hear of someone getting pg...when they had no business getting pg...or hearing of babies thrown in garbage cans...knowing that there are so many women out here who cant have kids..who would just love to have the ones they threw away. If you think that you can handle it......go for it!!! Dont let that dr tell you what to do....if God wants it to happen and He thinks that you can handle it...it will happen!!

Yes, I am biased too with my girls...thats just natural..lol. And yes, its fun having them as teenagers, just as much as it was having them as babies. My girls are unique. (thank God!!). I was very blessed from day one to have great babies...and kids!! They have never been a problem...they arent "perfect".....but they are darn close to it!! Both are straight A students, in honors classes....have been since day one of school. We get along very well....we have our battles, but fortunately, its not been anything major. They have their heads on really well....(I brainwashed them really early in life...LOL).

I hope that I hear something soon about an appt. At times I get so frustrated that I want to scream. But I just take it one day at a time, and try to stay calm about it, and not get so worked up about it, cause thats just only affecting my health even more in the long run.

I enjoy chatting with you too. Im glad that I have someone to talk to. Its been going on for over a year, so Im sure family/friends is sick of hearing me talk about it and complain...so, I try to not talk about it with them as often as I used to...so its nice to be able to come here and have someone to talk to...that understands the frustration and pain. Thanks again for listening and being here!!
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Ladybug,

Your username reminds me of my son's favorite episode of Sesame Street - "The Adventures of Little Big Bird", BB accidently becomes tiny and meets a ladybug that's named Mike. Mike makes a joke about BB's name b/c he's little and BB makes a joke about Mike being a ladybug...lol...:D...the joys of motherhood :). We watched the episode today.

My son is feeling alot better today, I'm so glad, there is nothing worse than to have a sick child that can't tell me what hurts or what I can do to make him feel better.

When you had your hysterectomy did you also have an A and P repair? I talked to my mom today and told her how you only took Ibuprofen after your surgery but I did forget to tell you that she had a hysterectomy and an A and P repair (I've spent the last year trying to forget b/c I get nausea just thinking about it :)), apparently that involves more cutting and stitches than when you deliver a baby, so that's why she thought it was so painful. Either way, I'm still convinced you have an ENORMOUS tolerance for pain :D.

I think you have a good chance of convincing your w/c neuro to let you atleast try topamax b/c it's new enough that there's not a generic yet, so maybe your neuro would get some kind of a perk for prescribing it. If your neuro wants to try lyrica, remember that a well known side effect of that nerve med is weight gain, so you could always tell him that you really don't want to try something that may make you gain a few lbs. It's hard enough to maintain a healthy weight when we're not physically limited. Until my PM recommended topamax, I was in a no win situation. After I began taking it and started to lose some weight, I asked my dr why the 3-4 previous dr's never put me on topamax, he replied, in my opinion, honestly, saying, "they didn't care". I believe him. I'm not obese, but I could stand to lose a few pounds, who couldn't, and even though I know losing weight isn't going to cure my back problems, it's certainly not going to hurt them either.

Your hubby has back problems too? It sounds like he has had problems for a long time. He sounds very strong and dedicated to his family :).

Who cares that the experts tell you not to be your daughter's friend. If I've learned anything since becomming a parent, it's been to listen to my mommy instinct, and my instincts have told me to throw away the parenting books :bouncing:. The so-called experts probably have never raised children...lol. If you don't mind me asking, have you raised your daughters in church?

I don't worry about what my neighbor thinks, and I also no longer call her a friend. I'm a nice, calm, laid back person that always treats others the way I would want to be treated, and sometimes I'm disappointed. My hubby says I'm still naive at 29, I say I just don't want to stop thinking that there's good in everyone. What she did bothered me so much b/c I've learned when you have a medical condition that causes you to have chronic pain, you are guilty until proven innocent. Doctors, nurses and pharmacist discriminate against people like us and it really hurt me that someone I thought was a friend treated me the same way medical professionals do.

I will continue to pray that through your attorney, w/c finally comes through for you and you're able to get the medical care you've needed for the last 16 mths. In the meantime, I hope and pray your pain remains tolerable. I really do enjoy our chats so much, thanks!

Take care,
Scrappin' Maniac

P.S. Feel free to vent anytime too! You definately have an unlimited venting pass :D. I honestly don't know how you contain your fustrations.[/FONT]
Hi Scrappinmaniac!

I am hanging in there. I hate to hear that the ESI's arent working for you. They told me that it would take 7 days for me to know if it had taken effect or not. I had my 3 rounds of them...didnt help at all...made me hurt worse!! They actually helped my husband...so I was excited...but....that quickly diminished! I will never do them again!! I do hope that you and your PM dr can figure something out that will keep you from having to resort to surgery. That really would be a bummer!! Good luck and I will keep praying for you!!

I also have DDD. Aww...thats just too cute and too funny...no Big E..but a Little E..haha. I honestly feel the same way about feeling crippled. I took my daughter to the dr the other day..sat there for over an hour....could barely walk by the time we got done....and older couple (Id say in there late 60's) were moving faster than me...that is just soooo sad!! But thats what I told my attorney when he decided to try this other tactic on getting me an appt...I told him that Id like to have a drs appt while I can still walk!! That I feel like Im falling apart and aging really fast before my time, while waiting on those slow pokes!! Still waiting to hear about the appt though!

Thats one reason why I dont want to get stuck on pain meds...they will work for awhile, then the next thing you know...you have to keep increasing and increasing....til your body gets adjusted,...then stops working again....then you increase to another strength or kind. Its just not worth it to me to allow my body to get used to something like that....most especially if it isnt working....and all thats being accomplished is ruining my liver and everything else thats working half decent right now...lol. And...another thing...even if it does work to control the pain..I dont want to take it daily..because how will I know if Im getting better or worse??

No hubby doesnt take anything for pain. On his bad days...he takes 5 Ibuprofens. He does get stiff alot. He hasnt had any major problems with his Dec. 04 rupture in quite a while. Not to the point of being bedridden and missing work. It will flare up here and there to where hes miserable....but thats when he takes the Ibuprofen. It doesnt do anything except help the inflammation. Thats it though. No pain relief. Yeah..my girls are definitely tough kids..I already know that one..lol. They can be sick as a dog....running temps of 102-104 and still be going!! It amazes me all the time!! ..Im "dead" at a temp of 100....lol. My youngest had her tonsils/adenoids removed when she was in the 2nd grade...was up jumping around like nothing ever happened the next day..lol. I couldnt believe it!! lol.

Yeah, I think I was too young for the hysterectomy as well...but once I kept getting abnormal paps showing pre-cervical cancer...that done it for me!! Im scared of the HRT's due to the increased risk of breast cancer. I know too many thats done the HRT's and ended up with breast cancer. One was my cousin...she died a year ago this past Christmas....she was only 50 years old.

Yes. we are very proud of our girls!!! I go to church with them every so often. But my husband doesnt. His mom MADE him go when he was a child...so he isnt interested in it now.

Well...I did get the wc to call it in for me.....but...wouldnt you know it....we hit a snag!!!! Stupid wc discontinued my prescription coverage...LOL...surprise surprise. So, now we are fighting to make them reactivate it. It never ends!! These ppl are gonna give me a heart attack with all this stress they cause me!! GEEEZE!!