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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I have been feeling so down in the dumps since I woke up this morning. Yesterday I had a 2nd ESI, last friday I had the 1st injection. My 3rd injection is not scheduled yet, thank goodness. Yesterday, after my injection, I felt terrible, but IMO that's normal on the day of the ESI, but today I feel worse. My low back, left hip and entire left side (including my normally numb thigh) hurt like CRAZY. I want to cry I hurt so much and I take 20 mg's of oxy 2x's a day, percocet (10/325) for b/t pain, topamax, flexeril, and today I've also taken 800 mg's of ibuprofen, but nothing has touched my pain. I knew I should NOT have agreed to try these injections again. [COLOR="DarkGreen"]I tried three injections before my level 1 fusion surgery (I am now a "failed fusion syndrome" statistic) almost a year ago and they didn't help at all. I have DDD, sciatica (but no pain, my left leg and foot are numb most of the time, sometimes I have some feeling but nothing painful), a few bulging discs and a few herniated discs. My new PM dr, I've been his patient for 3 mths, wanted to give ESI's one more try before we move on and try something else, even though he was upfront and honest with me, telling me that the odds were low that they would provide any relief. I also knew they wouldn't provide me with any pain relief :mad:.

Any ideas on why I am in such SEVERE pain and do you think this pain will last? I have never had a reaction like this to an injection. The worst part is I can't use my heating pad for 24 hours after the injection, which won't be up until about 5 pm today. I LOVE my heating pad and use it ALL of the time. Atleast with my heating pad I can crank it up and scorch my pain away, temporarily, until I can't stand it any longer. Any recommendations on how to relieve my pain? At this point, I'm willing to try almost ANYTHING :(.