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Wow.. the timing couldnt be worse for you. But stuff happens, and you would be surprised at how many it happens to at the worst moments, especially starting a new job. I was in HR for many years, so I can attest to that.

It does sound like you have sciatica, and many people are plagued with it on/off throughout their lives, but is manageable for most without the need of too much intervention from the medical arena.

I think you are the stage now, that you need to get to a GP and at least get some perscribed meds and a prednisone medrol pak (steroids), to get your inflammation under control, and some better pain relieveers. And since you've had this problem for some time with this pain being the worst so far, it's probably time to be thinking of getting an MRI to find out exactly what continues to cause you so much pain.

Because you haven't been diagnosed with spine issues yet is the reason I suggest you just begin by seeing a regular MD rather than a specialist at this time. An xray can not determine the state of your spine, but it can give them a decent view if bones are broken, which is what they would be looking for if an xray is ordered. An MRI is more advanced in imaging and can show the state of the bones, the alignment of your spine, the discs, and can often show nerve entrapment.

Do what brings you comfort. If lying down works.. do it often. Hot showers, heating pad (intermittently only, not all day.. not productive). Try alternating your pain reliever to ibuprofen then tylenol and see if it brings you some additional relief. If you can tolerate it, try icing down your lower back where it hurts the most for 20 minutes, and you can alternate that in between the use of the heating pad. It reduces inflammation and gives some numbing effects. (Heat brings bloodflow to the area being heated, which promotes healing properties within the body, but it's not healthy to keep heat on an area for long periods of time).

I dont know what your work attire requirements are, but I would suggest that when you do go back to work, that you wear a proper supportive and cushioned sneaker (even if it's an office environment). You can just explain that you are having some pains that your body needs some extra support and cushion adjusting into the new job. They will understand. Just make sure they look very clean (and or new condition "looking").

Rest your back.. dont pick up anything else around the house, the housework can wait or let others in the home do it. Any dust bunnnies in the home wont mind being around for alittle longer.

I hope you feel better quickly. Keep us posted.