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I tried to post this on the thread I had started (steriod injection for SI..please help)but it has been closed. Can anyone tell me why this happens? Anyway, I had the steriod injection to the Sacro iliac joint exactly one week ago, and I would greatly appreciate your continued help and views ( Kera4 and others who posted before?). I was told I would have to stay in the hospital for one hour after the injection but was actually discharged immediately after. Is this normal? Also the doc actually asked me to 'guide' him during the procedure as to where to inject ( i.e where my pain was) which I found very hard to do given the mixture of nerves and the fact that my pain has been shifting and altering form a lot. Again, is that normal procedure?
The bottom line however is that it has done nothing to relief any pain even for a second. In fact, and this worries me, I have new pain now which stared within hours. Rather than having on/off dull throbbing to lower right side. I have in the last week gone through a varitey of feelings: sharp, needle like pinches in lower right back, then above right side of body. These pinches have felt like something is about to snap at any time. Today and yesterday, along with the sharp twinges, I am back to throb down back but more constant.
I am so very very fed up and at a very low ebb, and I have to say that the help I get here has proved so supportive to actually just knowing which direction to go for help. I really don't know where I go from here, and I am still struggling to understand if I can ever expect to put a halt on this disc degeneration thing. I am an otherwise very healthy 38 year old, and still don't even know why my L5 disc has degenerated (the doc said maybe due to fall to coccyx 10 years ago?). I am so frustrated and concerned I may have made things worse by going down the injection route. Is that possible?
I am supposed to go back in 6 weeks for review. If by that time I am still the same what can I expect or ask as the next step? I have only had the one injection. Should I try another (but scared it may make back worse again). Also, as the review has to happen back in the UK and I am based in Portugal I would like to use advice obtained here to push for the next step rather than fly all that way to just sit and talk about how the pain hasn't gone away.
I saw a thread on here about PT, a step I took before knowing I had DDD and it didn't do anything but maybe that because PT guy didn't know what he was working with. Should I try this route now post injection? I'd also like advice on painkillers. I have held off using them but this weekend needed to and used Ibuprofen. Can anyone recommend something else?
I know this was a long post, sorry, but thank you for any advice.
Falling and landing on the coccyx can cause disc problems further up?! No one has told me this even when I've pointed out that I've had several hard falls over the years (usually 2-3 really bad ones per year -intense pain and/or concussion). The most I've been answered after a fall in November that has left me with pain in my mid back is "maybe some bruising".

These very side effects the two of you are describing are one of the reasons I've refused to have any injections for now. I'm not that bad off yet and I don't want to push my luck.

I currently take Relafen twice daily for arthritis pain (facets, SI, neck, and elsewhere), it keeps the worse of it at bay unless I miss doses. I have Ultram for when the pain gets worse, I only take this if the pain is really bad or if 3+ joints/areas are really hurting. Ibuprofen stopped working for me a couple years ago (I had been taking it since I was 12), naproxen worked well but was too tough on the GI.

Don't let up on the doctor. Call every day if that's what it takes until you get someone willing to talk to you about this.