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Hello, I really hope someone can help me. Sixteen weeks ago, an elderly resident at where I work fell backwards & in order to stop his fall onto his upturned chair, I leant to my right side & took his full bodyweight as he fell. The man weighs about 13 stone, I am 8stone 5lbs.He is fine & I am not!( I know we are told to let them fall but it is human instinct isn't it?)
After 3 weeks I went to the doctors who told me to carry on as normal & take ibuprofen. Progressing then from a very painful back, especially when standing & walking, to acute nerve pain down both legs. I was eventually given time off work & recommended for physio by my doctor & an xray which proved that my spine looks healthy, (this was 7 weeks after my injury)The physio did nothing for me to relieve the pain (including acupuncture.)
10 weeks after my injury, I had terrible pain in both legs, pins & needles ,awful muscle spasms & I felt like my insides were raw & I felt like jelly .Weight bearing (ie walking & standing)of any sort was excruciating! I was then referred to a back specialist after 12 weeks!
In the interim, my doctor prescribed slow release diclofenac(anti inflamms) & Diazepam for my muscle spasms to be taken just before I go to bed. This new medication has proved a godsend as I can now sleep at night. The leg pains have eased although I still feel like there is an electric current going through my legs & lower torso.
Two days ago, I saw the specialist, who had the wrong notes for me so knew nothing of my back pain history!!! I had to relay this long winded tale to him like I have just done to you! I was sent away after 10 minutes with a diagnosis of a possible slipped disc & recommended to stay on the medication, to have rest, exercise (I asked him what he recommended & he said walking!!!! I had told him already that walking causes me great pain!!!!)& he said it will take time.
He couldn't say how much time of course so I am left with the questions 'what is definately wrong with my back? Why has it not improved at all? How much longer will I be unable to walk anywhere? How much longer will I be off work? If I came off the pills would I still have the terrific muscle spasms? Am I doing myself more damage if I do try to walk anywhere?'
I feel totally let down with no light at the end of the tunnel. Has anyone else experienced my symptoms? I would be so grateful for any help, advice or encouragement as it is affecting every area of my life & has gone on for so long. Thank you for reading this. Ann