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Hey Scrappi,

Im fairly good today. Kinda achy and stiff, but nothing I cant deal with. It rained here yesterday..too warm for snow. lol. But its gonna be kinda cold today and tomorrow...with temps around 40 with 25-30 mph winds.

I dont wanna be cremated either. But I never thought about your philosophy of it..lol. I like that!

We kinda live on a farm..lol. Its 16 acres of farm land. But its not being used for anything now. My hubby and his father used to grow 50+ acres of tobacco (on his dads land too)..of tobacco up until a few years ago when it phased out so bad, and no one could make any money off of it. Now our cash crop is sweet potatoes. We usually have about 2 acres of it. I used to help him...but now....I cant! My hubby grows about an acre of vegetables during the summer...but he gives most of it away...he just LOVES farming and growing things.

I just LOVE your question..LOL. Kin Folks = relatives...LOL. I have relatives in Cincinnati. And yes, I did get a laugh out of that one! :D

I guess the strongest narcotic I have ever taken is Percocet and Tylenol with Codeine. They make me groggy as well. With the Tramadol, Im supposed to take 1 every 8 hours...but thats like taking nothing at all...so I take 2 of them. As far as surgery pain..I dont let that scare me. Between the laparoscopies I had for endometriosis, Tonsillectomy, and hysterectomy...none of them were painful as everyone told me it would be. lol. In fact, hours after my hysterectomy, my dr asked me "are you SURE you had surgery today??!!"...I laughed and told him that I was beginning to wonder! That was with nothing more than Ibuprofen that they gave me every few hours, which I didnt even think I needed that! I was driving myself to the dentist one week later to get that darn tooth pulled that got infected...and they were AMAZED that I was out and about by myself..lol. I told them that the tooth pain was by far worse than having the hysterectomy!!

I hate to hear that you had a rough time getting pg..then a rough pregnancy when you finally did conceive. wow. But, I guess it was all worth it in the end, huh? Thankfully, both of my pregnancies were good....it was the delivery and after that got me. With my first, they gave me too much epidural..which made me sick and weak....to the point to where they told my hubby that if things didnt progress within a certain time frame...he was gonna have to make the decision as to whether to save me or the baby. With my second..things went great with delivery....BUT...3 weeks later I nearly died due to a severe infection from not having all of the afterbirth expelled from my body. Now that was rough!!

I cant wait to hear about your medical report ordeal. I'll be watchin and waitin for it....lol. Have a good day.