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You really need to have someone take a look at your back. Do you have an urgent care center? They are usually alot cheaper than ER visits. It kind of sounds like a sciatic nerve issue but and this is a big but you could have done something to a disc. Until you get to the doctor I would use a heating pad and try some ibuprofen for pain. This of course is my non-medical opinion but I am a long term back pain veteran and this is what I used to do.
If it's a muscle issue, you need some heat on it. Do you have a heating pad? If not, a quick way to get heat to it is hot soak in the tub, or shower, and also microwaving a damp towel for a short time (it gets hot fast), then put a dry towel under/over it and place on your lower back and buttock area a couple of times.

Stay on the ibuprofen.

If you arent any better in a few days, then see a doctor.