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The only meds I've ever found that helped my arthritis pains were Bextra and prednisone. Of course Bextra was taken off the market and I cant take prednisone all the time for this. I did try a sample box of Limbrel, but it didnt seem to do anything, though I don't think i was on it long enough to give it a chance as I ran out of samples. I don't even bother taking ibuprofen or aleve anymore for this because it just doesnt do anything. I've also tried Celebrex, but it didnt do much and I never got any real long term scripts for it. I've been taking Plaquenil long term, but mine is taken for lupus and is used, I think for milder RA and diseases like that. I am currently taking Soma and Lyrica but that is not for arthritis, it's for nerve pain and spasms. So I don't take anything now for my arthritis pains. But one doesnt work for one person may work for another, so other meds are worth a try. Always ask your doctor for samples first, that way you don't have to waste money on a script if it doesnt work.