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hello all. i fell in dec 07 on my porch steps and since then have had reccurrent low back pain with sensitivity to touch. finally last month i went to my doctor because i could not stand the pain anymore. he ordered an x ray which was normal. next i went for an mri. the mri showed a cyst on the right L4 nerve root sheath. i haven't seen the mri report yet. i have been referred to a neurosurgeon but my appointment isn't until june 3rd. the neurosurgeon's office actually asked my doctor's nurse when she made the appointment if i was able to walk... so i'm wondering exactly how bad is this cyst i have? does anyone have any advice on what i have shared? or does anyone have any advice on pain management til i see the neurosurgeon? i've been taking ibuprofen as needed, heating pad as needed... i'm a physical therapist assistant, so i've been trying to do some leg exercises hoping that helps but all i've noticed is the exercises seem to get harder to do.

anyone have any advice?