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[QUOTE=shady123;3544888]Hello again,
I mentioned my problems yesterday about possibly having a fusion at L5 S1 level no one replied I dont Know if thats because I am in England. I don't want to be a billy no mates:) . I am currently seeing if I am entitled to disability living allowance as I am struggling to do lots of things now and as I am not working due to the pain I have to depend on my husbands wage all the medication costs a fortune. Sorry to winge again but I would really appreciate if anyone has any advise for me. the pain is so depressing.:wave:

:wave: Hello ,This is my first time on the site. I'm going to be getting a fusion at L5 S1 done as well. The problem is that i have already had 2 cervical fusions and 2 back surgeries,all in the last 4 years. The cervical fusions went well,but the back is a different story! The first was an alif they went through the stomach and put in titanium cage then they flipped me over and went through the back and put in rods and screws. I took almost 8 hours,and ended up not really helping. June of 2007 they went back in and had to remove some of the hardware, they my body was rejecting it. I went to the Dr. on 4/23 and he said they have to do another fusion and lay down more bone,apparently my bone is not growing like they had hoped. I have been on pain meds for 10 years now and am still in horrible pain. I know how you feel about the finacial stress,I was working at the time and haven't been able to go back. I was hoping to help with my daughters schooling (Med school):( Just try to keep a positive attitude and try not to let the pain get the best of you. I sure know where you're coming from and things seem don't seem to ever get better,but they will. One thing I want you to know is that if you smoke, QUIT!! Smoking can make it hard for your bones to grow as well as heal(maybe that was part of my problem)They also say not to take any meds containing Ibuprofen. So tomorrow when you get up look in the mirror and say"I can do this and I am going to feel great" Good Luck and let me know things are going for you!!

Talk to you soon,
Cheryl :wave: