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Just wanted to share some success with SI Joint. After 18 mos of dealing with a very unstable and painful SI, with tons of meds and injections and no improvement, I am feeling a sense of recovery. Here's what's working without a million doc appt and drugs (as the previous year held)....
1. Natural supplements:
Glucosamine via Joint Juice, 2 xs/day. Extra MSM. Fish oil. And natural anti-infammatorys (bromelain, boswellin) in addition to ibuprofen (about 400mg every 8 hrs - which I have been able to decrease, thank goodness - my liver was not enjoying so much of it). Just added serrapeptase and I am encouraged so far.
2. Cold laser therapy:
About $25 per session if you buy packages. I had to go 3-4 times per week at first to benefit. Now fewer times per week. Last week, didn't go at all & felt good.
3. Rolfing structural Integration:
The rolfer is able to correct my tight muscle fascia, which is helping a ton so my muscles can function at the right length. Equally important, through this I've learned exactly which muscles are tight and tugging me out of alignment. By stretching them before I get out of bed, I am limber enough to stay "in" when I'm up.

After months of PT (w/many different therapists) and many different pharmaceutical and other efforts, the rolfing and supplement routine has finally begun to make a difference.

I just wanted to say that with a ton of patience, some natural efforts may be able to help your recovery. Be well!