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Hey Bowva, I too have DDD in my neck and lower back. I've been to physical therapy a couple times and the stretches I learned help somewhat. My neck has been pain free for about two months. My lower back continues to hurt but, depending on how I use it, does ok. I don't run because the disks can't take the pounding. I can walk and run a little on a treadmill sometimes. Lifting weights also agravates my back so I haven't done that for a while. I hope to get "back" to it soon (no pun intended). I also take 800 mg Ibuprofen which helps quite a bit. This drug is not processed / filtered by the liver so is better for you than a lot of prescription meds. Have you had x-rays to confirm it is DDD? If not, you should confirm. Nothing against the physiologist but an MD should look at it. Anyway, hope you feel better. Regards, Bo53