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Hmmm, .... Where to start?
October 16, 2007(a day I will never forget).
While I was doing a routine task at work I injured my lower back.
I have been fighting Workers Comp every minute of every day since.
They are trying to starve me out.
I was on TTD, then off, then on, then off, now trying to get back on again.
It has been almost a month since the last IME sent his recommendation for me to be on TTD & NOTHING!!!!
I have seen numerous doctors/ surgeons & they tell me there is no surgical proceedure to fix me( no cut, no pay for them).
One even told me to "suck it up & move on with my life".
I have tried PT for 16 weeks at two different facilities, multiple injections, tense unit, a brace, ice packs, & finally a discography & CT scan.

This is what the doctors report from the discography states...
"underwent lumbar discography on June 9, 08. The injections at L2-3, L3-4 and L4-5 all showed normal architecture with no pain production and a max psi of 110. At L4-S1 there was some minor pain and a small posterior annular tear. There was no production of pain until a psi of 80-90, and some low grade back pain at 100 psi.(the low grade pain was me screaming under sedation and clinching a rag that I begged for, and me digging my nails into the table). With this pattern I(the doctor) would not recommend surgical treatment. I would recommend that he undergo pain management and then undergo a Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine his permanent restrictions."

Of course they want me to be FULLY MEDICATED for the FCE.
How can they evaluate my functions & determine an accurate amount of disability when I am fully medicated??????

I use a cane to help me walk, sometimes a walker & on extended treks a wheel chair.
I take Lyrica(100mg twice a day), Oxycodone(1 to 1-1/2 7.5mg tabs every 4 to 6 hrs) Zanaflex(4mg 3 times a day) & over the counter Ibuprofen.
I loathe taking all these pills but if I dont I can't hardly move.

They tell me that this should not be causing me as much pain as it is but I wish they could walk in my shoes for one day, especially first thing in the morning.
I have constant pain in the small of my back(been there for 8 months), that radiates in all directions.
I have stabbing, shooting, burning pain that radiates down the front & back of both legs from my lower back to the tip of my toes.
My legs go out, for no reason, & I fall.
This has happened almost a dozen times in the last 8 months.
Most of the time I am fortunate enough to be near something & I can catch myself.
I feel like I am being treated like trash because it is a workmans comp case.
Even my attorneys are baffled at the actions of the WC insurance company.
I am fortunate, through all of this, that I have the most wonderful wife in the world.
She stands beside me 110%.
Anyone have any suggestions, comments or whatever??????
Just ranting, wishing for relief & hope some day to be me again.:confused::mad::dizzy: