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I'm very thankful 15 years later that I did the fusion and that they used harware so I'd have stable fusion (as opposed to fusions done without harware but solely with bone). They took shavings from my hip area to help enhance the fusion. The site where they took the shavings from was paifnul (deep aching pain) for a few months. As soon as I was allowed to take NSAIDS (aspiring, aleve, ibuprofen, etc) that bone pain diminished. For the first year it did ache on occasion but today I often forget that until I see the scar on my back where they went to get the bone shavings.

I do have a stiff back now (I just don't push it too much) and I will always have to stay away from spinal strenuous activities (no more roller coasters, golfing, or playing too much tennis). But I am able to swim, hike, walk, and do many other physical activities.