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Moma Bear <> I went to see my doctor on monday morning , He asked me how I was dealing with being off the pain meds - and my reply was good !! He got up and gave me a high five .LOL. > He was very happy to hear that I got over the hump , and most of my withdraw symptoms are gone.. I have not taken a suboxon in like 7 days , and the only thing I'm taken for pain is UltramER 200 mg - one a day + Ibuprofen 800mg twice a day.. My back is still hurting , but I can deal with it.. The pain reminds me of what I've been threw in the last 8 months ,and I'm not in a fog all day long..Still going to P.T 3 days a week , and off course I'.m giving her a handfull - but I put a smile on her face 3 days a week !!! HAHAHA

What's going on with you MOMA BEAR ? I sure hope that you are feeling weel , and your knee finally has some relief..Sorry to hear that you got sick after your surgery , that's not that uncommon (i got very sickafter my surgery , 2nd day).. Please take it easy and RELAX , watch movies , read books , and crack the wip on your huby to get you whatever is needed !!!

I have some minor bad news : I got into a car accident on Monday night , I was exiting off a highway and the guy in front off me slamed on his brakes for some unknown reason & B A N G I hit him from behind..I called the police , they arrived at the sene in like 5 minutes - we both told out version of the story and NO tickets we're issued.. My back is hurting pretty good though , I only hit him going like 20 miles per hour..Thank god i had a couple percocets left , I did'nt want to take them - but I had no choice in the matter.. My doctor is aware what happened and I'm waiting to get an appointment date to go in and see him.. I don't think any major damage happened to my back , but I'M very sore and stiff AGAIN... I will keep you all posted on what happens , and LInda relax and keep that knee up and iced up. your friend BIlLy BoY.