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Hi, I have a dense 3" memory foam topper on my bed, and it helps me a little. It's definitely more comfortable than without. It helps my shoulders, however I also have to use a horseshoe shaped cervical pillow for my neck. That cervical pillow really helps my neck alot. However, it probably depends on what joints hurt/where you put the most pressure when laying down. If you haven't already, you might try taking Ibuprofen on a regular basis (this is because you would need a therapeutic level of the med in your system all the time, and after a little while of taking it regulary, it might help). Personally, over the counter meds do not do anything for me...right now I am not taking any anti-inflammatories but I do take muscle relaxers, nerve pain medications, and a mild pain killer (plus plaquenil for my lupus). But we just ended a horrible streak of heat and high humidity here, which killed my joints. They all felt so pressurized. Finally the humidity broke and already my joints feel better.

If you lay on your side, you might want to try a knee pillow. It's a small pillow that you put between your knees; or a wedge pillow to put under your legs; or a body pillow to wrap one side (arm and leg) around. If you have a local medical/surgical supply store nearby, you can go there and ask about different products available that might help. Of course there is no guarantee.

If you continue hurting, then you should see a doctor.